In the Works: Yi Sun-sin

In the Works: Yi Sun-sin

Just a little update for those of you waiting for the first episode; it’s a lot harder to polish up a podcast than I anticipated! I had said I would have it out this weekend, but it is not quite ready yet.  I also did not realise that I had to approve comments before they would become visible on the website, so that should be fixed now and everyone who made a comment should be able to see it by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.  Bear with me as I try and work out the production process!  Stay tuned for the story of Yi Sun-sin:

Korean Heroes - Yi Sun Shin statue in Seoul


2 thoughts on “In the Works: Yi Sun-sin

    1. Through your website, I can get a lot of things about Korean history and heroes, including Yi Sun-Sin.
      I’m ready to learn our another history which I don’t know. So don’t worry about that, Professor! – by HS

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