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Yi Sun-sin: Episode 2 – To the Frontier!

I still have not set up the podcast feed, and there are still kinks to work out, but I want to stick as closely to my 1 episode per week goal as I can. Those of you who are married to itunes, the time draws nigh! For now though I just went for it without any notes or a script and minimal editing, which cut down dramatically on the time I needed to get it ready. Hopefully the quality of the recording and the show improves with every new release. Every episode from the first to the latest will be on a podcast feed for your convenience soon. In this episode I will talk about the first decade of Yi Sun-sin’s military career, the part that no one knows, but which is essential to his future as a Naval Commander. Remember those nomadic horse tribes (Mongolians et al.), well they are still lurking in the steppes to the north. Find out what Yi Sun-sin plans to do about their habit of raiding and pillaging indiscriminately! Here they come:

Korean Heroes - Nomadic peoples drawing

Just click on the link below to listen to Episode Two:

Yi Sun-sin: Episode 2 – To the Frontier

Thank you for visiting the site, your interest in Korean culture and for listening to the story of Yi Sun-sin!

The 과거 National Examinations: The Joseon 무과 Military Examination

In the first installment of the Yi Sun-sin series, I mentioned the 과거 -more specifically known as the 신녕무과 military examination, that Yi Sun-sin had to take twice because of a mishap during the third portion of the test, in which he had to demonstrate his horsemanship. I imagine the actual examination was a little less colourful and theatrical than what you will see in the video below, but you get the idea. For those of you unfamiliar with the challenges Yi Sun-sin faced both before and after he broke his leg, here is a short sample of a re-enactment from a present day traditional village:

Korean Horsemanship – Third Stage


Yi Sun-sin: Episode 1 – Born to Be Brave

Yi Sun-sin was born the fourth son of a little known nobleman in Hanyang (Seoul), Joseon (Korea) in 1545. When he was a child in the mid 16th century it was relatively calm on the peninsula, but it did not begin or end that way. Soon the future of Korea would be hanging by a thread and it would be desperate for heroes. Little did he know that his determination to pursue a life in the military would put him in position to alter the course of history for his people and for Asia. This first episode in the Yi Sun-sin series of the Korean Heroes podcast is the story of this great man’s humble beginnings as we set the stage for the Japanese invasion of 1592: The Imjin War.

korean heroes mounted archer


The file is available to stream or download through the link below and the podcast feed will be available soon! Thank you for your patience and support.

Yi Sun-sin: Episode 1 – Born to Be Brave

In the Works: Yi Sun-sin

Just a little update for those of you waiting for the first episode; it’s a lot harder to polish up a podcast than I anticipated! I had said I would have it out this weekend, but it is not quite ready yet.  I also did not realise that I had to approve comments before they would become visible on the website, so that should be fixed now and everyone who made a comment should be able to see it by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.  Bear with me as I try and work out the production process!  Stay tuned for the story of Yi Sun-sin:

Korean Heroes - Yi Sun Shin statue in Seoul


Korean Heroes: Pilot Episode

Late Joseon Korea:


Piloting the way into the Yi Sun-shin series: A little self-introduction and some context before we delve into the Imjin War and our first hero’s dominance on the sea lanes of Korea.  If you’ve already heard the sample then just start from 6 minutes in.  Click on the link below to have a listen:

Korean Heroes Pilot





Pilot Teaser

Nanjung Ilgi (Yi Sun-Shin’s War Diary):

Korean Heroes - Nanjung Ilgi

Finally, a recording for my small audience to preview before I start the podcast feed. This is a short 6 minute sample of the pilot episode, which itself is a preview of what is to come. Any and all feedback is welcome. The full pilot will be published and available as soon as I get over this cold! Just click on the highlighted link below to listen and/or download:

Korean Heroes Pilot Sample

Under Construction!

This is the website for a new podcast called Korean Heroes. It is a work in progress and a project I’ve been looking forward to launching for several years now.  The first podcast descriptions and website content will be uploaded by March 1st, 2016 and the feeds should start rolling out shortly after that.  The site will be up and running just in time for the National Holiday (Bank Holiday for those of you who call it that), in South Korea that celebrates the Korean Independence movement during the Japanes occupation of the Korean peninsula from 1910-1945.  More on that in a future podcast series!  Happy 삼일절 (sam-il-jeol: literally 3-1 Day translated directly from Korean).

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