Updates for both Composition 2&3

*Below you will find sample questions for both classes.  Your in-class paragraph writing tests will be available to be picked up from my office door (Room #456 in the Humanities building),  by Monday evening.  Take your test only, it will be marked with your name and student number on the reverse side on the top right so you can look through without seeing each other’s grades.   The feedback is very brief if there is any at all.  I will make a short speech as a reminder about paragraph writing at the beginning of each exam.  If you have any concerns about it you should visit me next week to discuss.  Both classes have had ample feedback in general though, so you should be able to see your major mistakes.  You can get it any time after 12/12/2017.

*A mock exam is being prepared for the Composition 3 and a link will be posted on this page.

*You have until the exam to get credit for the cyber lecture exam review and until the last day of class to get credit for your final class of the semester.  Any further questions should be directed to Professor Sullivan:, not the English Department

Composition 3 Mock Exam link:

English Comp 3 Mock Exam Fall 2017

Composition 2

Exam Review

Explain where these things come from, why people believe in them  and why they should (perhaps) re-evaluate what they mean:

a) Ghosts


b) Vitamins


c) Christmas


d) Christopher Columbus



Form complex sentences from the simple sentences below.

a) I love pancakes. Pancakes are easy to make.  Pancakes go well with syrup.



b) Sponge Bob is a famous character. Sponge Bob is a popular television program.




c) Wednesday is a busy day for me. I like to go out with my co-workers on Wednesday.



d) I think the future is bright for smart phone companies. Samsung is an innovative company.  Samsung is developing a new smart phone.


Composition 3

Exam Review:

 Write a thesis statement using the following phrases and sentences.  Make sure you are specific, take a position and provide reasons:     

Terrorists are dangerous.

  1. Vegetables are healthy


2.  Nature should be protected.


3. Public education is important.

Narrow down the following VERY BROAD topics to VERY SPECIFIC topics.     

a) Healthcare



b) The future



c) Vacation



Choose ONE of the following topics and write a short essay outline for it that includes a thesis statement and three supporting points:

  1. Christmas
  2. Private Education
  3. Global Warming
  4. Presidents