Contact Information

Contact Information

Please feel free to email me about the show, whether it’s positive or negative I welcome the feedback and any questions you might have. Of course you can comment on the website itself, which is good for me because of the traffic, but if you want to send a personal message please do.   Also, if you have suggestions or information you would like to share with me, send it along!  There may be a Facebook page connected to this later, but I’ll add that at a later date if things are going well.

Jeremy Sullivan

Daejeon, South Korea

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If you wish to support the show by sending a donation, the easiest way to do so is by bank transfer, if you live in South Korea, or by email transfer from North America.  Any amount is welcome to cover the costs of books, equipment, research time and maintenance costs. Since I do not have a professional website designer and I do not know how to set up secure Credit Card transfers yet, it is best to just email me ( indicating that you would like to donate to the show and I will provide you with my account information directly. That way we can both trust that our banking information is kept private.  If you happen to be from another country or region that does things differently, then email me and we can work something out!

***If you have read this far that means the podcast is alive and kicking!  Welcome to the New Media and thank you for your support!***