Spring semester information for online classes and coronavirus policies.

  The Korean government and Chungnam National University have decided that the best policy for now is to hold all of our classes as online. That is why you will be required to access the cyber lecture system for the next two weeks and if the crisis continues perhaps beyond that.  Of course we are all hoping that physical lectures will start again in April as soon as everything settles down.  Until then please follow the instructions below.

    Some other professors will have slightly different approaches to the cyber lectures they organize, but you are to follow my instructions for the classes that I teach.

  All cyber lecture content will be available through the CNU portal where you can login with your ID and access the class. The content will include written instructions from the professor about studying, homework and assignments, links to videos and audio that you were expected to watch and listen to.

All of the information will be hosted through my website Koreanheroes.net and you will be able to scroll through what you were expected to do week by week. The uploaded content will not be taken down so if you need to refer to something you can simply scroll back to week one or week too and look at it again later.

  You will be able to login and access each week’s lecture content from Monday morning to Sunday night at midnight each week. This is both to make it easier to make time for studying and because any students who become ill will need the flexibility.

***This is very important: You are required to be logged in and to access the page for a minimum of one hour to get credit for your attendance. If you do not do so you will not get credit for the attendance and you will fail the course. So it is highly recommended not to delay until the last minute. For example, do not wait until Sunday night each week to log on, in case something goes wrong.

  Unless otherwise stated assignments and homework will be due the week after they are given. Currently there is no plan to conduct any online tests. Further information will be given on the website as it becomes available.

Week 1 – Orientation

GBC – Week 1 – Video Lecture

Strategic brand communication components article

Week 2 – Spoken and Written Messages

GBC – Week 2 – Video Lecture

Assignment 1: Misinformation

Week 3 – Misinformation/Disinformation

GBC – Week 3 – Video Lecture

Assignment 2: Analyzing a Great Speech

Steve Jobs – On Microsoft

Week 4 – Great Speeches

GBC – Week 4 – Video Lecture

FDR – The Pearl Harbor Speech

Assignment 1: Due Monday, March 30th, 2020

Week 5 – Electronic Communication

*Important – April Class Update

GBC – Week 5 – Video Lecture – Part I

GBC – Week 5 – Video Lecture – Part II

The basics on how to write a proper formal email – Laura Spencer

Ted Talk – Texting is Killing Language. JK!!! – Professor John McWhorter

The Tyger by William Blake

Assignment 2: Due Monday, April 6th

Week 6 – The New Media

GBC – Week 6 – Video Lecture – Part I

GBC – Week 6 – Video Lecture – Part II

Week 7 – Platforms

*Important – Mid-April Class Update

GBC – Week 7 – Video Lecture – Part I

Ted Talks – 1- Tom Thum – The orchestra in my mouth

Ted Talks – 2 – Louis Schwartzberg –  Hidden miracles of the natural world

GBC – Week 7 – Video Lecture – Part II


Week 8 – Live Video Conferencing (Makeup Lecture)

Zoom meeting Monday April 26th, 2020

Communicating in Real-time in Isolation – Stephen Colbert & John Oliver

Week 9 – Digital Identity 

GBC – Week 9 – Video Lecture – Digital Identity Part I

Week 10 – Digital Identity Continued

GBC – Week 10 – Video Lecture – Digital Identity Part II

Week 11 – Digital Identity III (Digital Rhetoric)

GBC – Week 11 – Video Lecture – Digital Identity Part III – Digital Rhetoric

Conference Session – ELLAK December 2020 – Cultural Contradiction – Voices in My Head – Professor J.L. Sullivan

Conference – ELLAK – Voices in my head – Final

Digital Rhetoric – Theory, Method, Practice – Douglas Eyman

Week 12 – Pitching an Idea

GBC – Week 12 – Video Lecture – Pitching an Idea (as a team)


Week 13 – Project Launch

Zoom meeting scheduled – 5/29/2020 – 2:00 PM

GBC – Week 13 – Final Exam Study Outline

Jeff Bezos Banned PPTs

Week 14 – Final Preparation

Zoom meeting scheduled – 6/1/2020 – 3:00 PM

GBC – Week 14 – Final Exam Format