Intermediate Speaking

Intermediate Speaking

The audio files that are related to the questions that are due on Wednesday, January 10th will be downloadable here, along with any further instructions or comments.

Audio files:

Track 21

Track 22


The homework that is due Friday, 1/12/2018:

Please submit a paper copy in class with the class name, the Professor’s name, the date, your name and student number.  If you are unable to submit a paper copy, please submit a .doc file to

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

“Young people should be well-informed about current events”

Your answer should include:

  1. An opening statement that agrees or disagrees
  2. Reason 1, followed by support
  3. Reason 2, followed by support
  4. A concluding sentence signaling the end of your answer.


Final Exam Information


Final Exam Date and Time: 10:00 AM sharp, Tuesday January 17, 2018


The Final Exam Format

Part A: Listening

Length: 20 minutes

Value: 40 points (4×10)

Questions 1, 2: Conversation based audio, Problem/Solution answer

Sample question: p.120 in the course textbook

Questions 3,4: Lecture based audio, Fill in/Provide missing information

Sample question: p.122


Part B: Reading

Length: 40 minutes

Value: (6×10) 60 points

Question 1: Keywords, re-write passage

Sample Question: p. 42

Question 2: Main idea, support

Sample Question: p.110

Question 3: (3 short questions) Respond to Questions

Question 4: (3 short questions) Respond to Information Provided

Question 5: Describe a picture

Question 6: Express an opinion (agree or disagree)


Total: (10×10 points) 100 points


Sample Questions for 3-6 of the reading section:

Question 3 Sample Questions:


Imagine that a friend is talking to you on the phone.  You are talking about movies.

  1.  What movie did you watch most recently
  2. That sounds fun.  How and where did you watch it?
  3. I’m going to see a movie this weekend.  Can you recommend a good place to watch it?

Question 4 Sample Questions:

Three questions will be asked like the ones based on the table in the sample below:

Questions 5 Sample Question:

Image result for baker street pictureDescribe the picture in 30 seconds (in our test you will have about 5 minutes and should write a short paragraph of 4-6 sentences).

Question  6 Sample Question:

For new employees, it is more important to get acquainted with colleagues and supervisors over doing anything else.