About the Podcast

About the Podcast

This website hosts a podcast about Korean heroes published and recorded by Jeremy Sullivan with the intent of drawing more people to History, Korean culture and English language, whatever their cultural background or location. The majority of my listeners are Koreans who enjoy studying English and are also interested in History.  Not the boring, listing dates kind of history, but the exciting and REAL drama of actual historical heroes. The things human beings have accomplished are just amazing and I would like to share some of these stories with you, as a Canadian living in the “Far East.”

  I am an Adjunct Professor in South Korea, where I have been living since late 2006. I am an English major and I normally lecture on English Literature, Language and Culture, but studying history is one of my favorite hobbies and I devour it any form I can in my spare time.  I enjoy listening to podcasts, and I eagerly await the next release of my favorite history podcasters.  This in part has motivated me to make my own.  I find podcasts a very convenient way to gain knowledge and be entertained, especially when you need to have your hands and eyes free for other things (Walking your dog, cooking, or driving to name a few)!  This is my own personal project and unless it becomes a super popular show, I will be maintaining the website, researching, emailing, recording and editing everything myself.

I recognize that some people have strong feelings about the historical events and people I will talk about, and I am not a native Korean citizen, I am from Canada.  However, the vast majority of my students, colleagues and friends are Korean, including my wife and her family.  So I will endeavour to be as accurate as possible and I will seek Korean advice throughout my show.  I will, of course, offer my opinion and analysis while telling the heroic tales of fascinating Korean people, but I will try to be as unbiased and fair.  In other words, I will gather a variety of sources to introduce a number of perspectives so that you can make your own judgments.  The Korean Heroes podcast will include scripted and unscripted descriptions of the heroes I have chosen, and hopefully some interviews as well.  If you have any requests or comments please visit the Contact Information page, and if you like the podcast please consider making a donation so I can improve the quality of my little jury-rigged operation.  Enjoy!


Jeremy Sullivan


Source Material

The cool artwork of Yi Sun-sin that you see headlining my homepage is taken from the Yi Soon Shin Warrior and Defender comic series by Onrie Kompan.  If you like the images I feature on my website then you may want to order one for yourself. Just follow this link to see previews, descriptions and shop:

Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender