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Korean Heroes: Pilot Episode

Late Joseon Korea:


Piloting the way into the Yi Sun-shin series: A little self-introduction and some context before we delve into the Imjin War and our first hero’s dominance on the sea lanes of Korea.  If you’ve already heard the sample then just start from 6 minutes in.  Click on the link below to have a listen:

Korean Heroes Pilot






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    Nice podcast. It seems that you know more about Yi sun sin than I do XD!! I’ll check other episodes later.

  5. YS Choi

    I was surprised that you are interested in Korean hero-YI SUN SIN!
    I appreciate that your effort to write down korea’s history to english and record whole story.
    thanks for your effort.
    I’m looking forward to next episode^^

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    Your wepsite is very nice and I’m very surprised at your interest.
    Before I am not interested in Korean hero, but now I think I will give more effort to Korean history
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    I don’t have interest in history, too. but, I’m exited when i read your website
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    I think few koreans have interest in korean history. so I’m very surprised at your interest
    I don’t have interest in korean history, too. But I’m excited when i read your webcite.
    I’m looking forward to reading next pilot episode. Thanks.

  9. Tae Eun Kim

    It is interesting that you are interested about heroes of Korea. So far, heard Admiral Lee Sun-shin’s name is many times, but I don’t know well about him. I heard you and wanted to know more about General Lee Sun-shin and I think that I have to study about Korean history more deeply. I will expect the next episode. -T.E.

  10. Kim Hyeong-Jung

    i have heard your pilot about Yi-Sun-Shin. First of all, i’m very very impressed because maybe you have studied a lot of Korean history. Yi-Sun-Shin is royal general. When Sun-Jo, Jo-Sun’s 14th king, and his attendants put the blames because of his cleverness and innate talent, Yi-Sun-Shin never compained to king’s instruction. you already know these things! i feel thanks to you. Possibly you can think my feeling is some weird. But, i hope to know Korean history for many people. So, i cheer you activity and i will have interest in this website consistently.

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    I’m surprised at your interst of korea history.
    Before, I did not like history. but now i am interested in korea history.
    Thank you.

  12. Kim Jihyeon

    You posted a nice picture! ten longevity symbols.. I heard the full version right after reading this. The way that you got to know Yi-Sun sin is interesting. I don’t exactly know about him and details of the Imjin War, so I think I should listen to your next episode recording.

    • Kwon keong min

      I’m very surprised your interest of our history. Your websites is very pretty and wonderful. And I also respect Gwon Yul. He is my ancestor. So I feel really great when I read him in this website. I eagerly look forward to your next posts.

  13. Jeong JH

    I’m so impressed with your interest of the korean history. I also respect our hero, yi sun shin. Your website is pretty neat. I will visit your website soon or later. I’d like to keep your eyes on Korean history as you have done before. I expect next episodes.

  14. Kim J D

    Before i listened this class and recording files, i wasn’t interested in Korean History. Just in time, my best Korean hero Yi-Sun-Shin came to me, i was very interested. Ordinarily, History class and website are boring a little. but because of this class and website, i will be attractive in this area. And i hope to another episode. Thank you for give me a chance to be interested in History.

  15. Yeon Ju

    Your reports are Awesome! I’m very surprised about your interests for Korean history and the fact that you have more information of it than us. Your website has many details and even illustrations. That is a point I think that you’re great. I expect to meet your next posting! (by YJ)

  16. YR

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I felt that you really love your hero, Yi-Sun-Shin.

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    Your podcast is really amazing. I didn’t know who is Gwon Yul and Lee Eoki before reading your podcast. I think you know lots of Korean heros,and maybe you know more than me about Korean history. I am very embarrassed about that.

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    After listening your pilot content, i am really impressed by your enthusiasm! I am sure that these recordings can be a foundation for your subsequent studies. From now on, I would feel grateful for the world and country that I live. Actually I have to study Korean history to obtain certificate. Your passion teaches me that Studying history cannot be overvalued.

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    I leanred history for test,
    I didn’t enjoy learning histroy.
    But after reading this,
    I interested in history, I enjoy learning history!

    • YR

      I really enjoyed reading your blog. I felt that you really love your hero, Yi-Sun-Shin.

  20. su jeong shin

    I feel that you’re sincerely fan of Yi-Sun-Shin. I didn’t know the game including many source of information about him. If I have enough time to play computer game, I also want to play that game!!! As a korean, l thank for your interest in korean historical heroes and I’m also ashamed of not knowing stuff letting you know more about him. So, I will read many books about Yi-Sun-Shin. And I also expect to meet next episode!!

  21. LeeSuMin

    I was surprised at your website! I’m Korean but don’t know about korean heroes and history well. I feel ashamed. I just know that Yi Sun-shin won many naval battles with turtle ships. Thanks to your website, I regret myself and have interest about korean heroes.- S.M

  22. Lim J Y

    Thaks to professor, i can know more about Yi Sun Sin. He is one of the greatest general in the world and blocked our country to become conquered by japan. (I try to understand your recording at a time)

  23. Hyunhee Jang

    I didn’t like history because it was boring. When I was in highschool, I just memorized the dates and names to get the score. Anyway I heard the recording today, and I got impressed. Because you said about human experience and how the went through that days. So, I could be ease, and thank you for your interesting about Korea! 🙂

  24. Ju Mee Lee

    It is amazing that you are interested in Sun-Shin Lee who is Korean historical person. It is also so proud that he is your favorite historical perosn as a Korean. And I also think that I have to search and learn about the foreigner historical people from now when I listen your opinion about Sun-Shin Lee. Thank you, professor.

  25. Lee MH

    After listening your pilot content, I again appreciate that Yi sun-shin who was the greatest naval commander was a korean. If he hadn’t existed, then Joseon would not have won. Moreover, It is very interesting that games make foreigners become interested in Yi sun-shin. Therefore, I think Korean need to make more various historic content. I enjoyed your pilot, thank you. -MH

  26. Kihwa Jung

    It was interesting that you have an interest about Korean history. And it was proud that Korea has known for E-sports influence people over the world. I watched the playing video with Turtle-ship and i want to play the game someday. As a foreigner, I also want to learn more about foreign history. Thank you.

  27. kim h.b

    I very enjoyed your recording. I’m very shame, because I’m not well aware of Yi sun-shin although i’am korean. It is fascinating that listen our history with english. I wonder what your favorite history and hero except yi sun-shin. I want to read and listen your blog next time!

  28. Jin Sun Hye

    After listening this pilot, I realized that I hadn’t know well about the general Lee sun-shin. Thanks to you, I could have interest in the history . Especially , I had a great time because I can heard the history in English. Thank you !

  29. JY

    I wasn’t interested in korean history though I am a korean but your recording makes me intersting. after listening, I want to know about Yi sun-shin more. and I thought I needed to study about korean history and hero.

  30. Yejin

    Before listening this, I hadn’t thought about the general Lee sun-shin’s contribution. Because of this, I recognized about the huge contribution of Lee sun-shin. I think the general Lee sun-shin is the greatest general in the midst of the generals who save our country. So thank you for making me realize.

  31. Woo-hyeon

    In my opinion your example of Yi Sun-shin in games is very good choice. because as you are doing so, you can boost interest about him for foreigners who played same games. -W.H.

  32. Lee Hyeon Seo

    I didn’t know that you’re interested in Korean history and heroes! I want to listen about more our heroes by visiting your website. (by HS)

  33. LS

    It must be authentic, I can hear paper rustling! Interesting start.

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