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Yi Sun-sin Episode 3 : Rebel With a Cause – Part II

Let’s wrap up Yi Sun-sin’s northern campaign with the shocking destruction of a tribe of invading Jurchen and a dramatic rescue of captive soldiers!

Korean Heroes- Yi Sun Shin Attack

The picture above is a scene from Onrie Kompan’s Yi Soon Shin Warrior and Defender

Unfortunately, in the midst of these moments of triumph; Yi Sun-sin’s father will pass away and his military career will be put on hold while he spends the customary three years in his hometown mourning his loss.  While he is absent, his political enemies will look for ways to taint his reputation and set traps for him as soon  as he returns, but the incorruptible Yi Sun-sin will persevere through it all.  Tune in to:

Yi Sun-sin – Episode 3 Part II



  1. 장신열

    I didn’t know Lee sunsin before read your article. So I try to find some information and get to know about him. I really admire someone that was killed defending his country. He will be a greatest role model .

  2. Tae eun Kim

    I read impressively well. But I think that if there is also a script, it will be better to readers.

    • Tae eun Kim

      And I think that sound effect is very ingenious. Because of that, I could hear it more vivid.

  3. Eun sook

    I have to switch best with most.
    It’s my mistake.

    • Malleusjl


  4. Eun sook

    I’m very glad to listen to your podcast again.
    Thank you for your effort continueing 이순신 story.
    It’s very helpful for me to improve my listening skill and widen historic knowledge through 이순신 story whom I admire mosst.
    I’ll keep on enjoying your story.

  5. 조순임

    I think the composition of 3 was very solid.
    You made me to fall into the story completly.
    Frankly I couldn’t understand some concrete historical details you mentioned.
    But gradually I bcame concerned in following.
    And you don’t need to scold your sound boy, not so bothering!
    Even an fresh attempt.

  6. Jeremy

    Yes, a few others thought it broke the flow too. I’ll have to fire the sound guy (Oops, that’s me…)!

  7. You shin young

    Good job!
    Your new try about sound effect was nice. It made the podcast more dynamic and vivid. But if I want a little more about it, the flow should be more smothe. I mean when the sound effect appears , your voice tone also changes suddenly. And through the podcast I could see when you stopped and when you restarted recording.
    Sorry to be too picky.
    Speaking of the story, it becomes more exciting and exciting and finally the turtle ship is comimg! I’m looking forward to your next episode.Thanks

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