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Turtle Ships to the Rescue!

It has been a long time since I produced an episode, and I apologize for that, the delay was due to injury and personal business. For those of you who kept checking and waiting… Thank you! For those of you who harassed me over the first few months saying, “Where are the turtle ships?!” They are coming, and you have inspired the title of the fourth episode! Episode 4: Turtle Ships to the Rescue is in the works. Check back next weekend for the upload (the podcast feed is finally getting set up as well)!  Below is a picture of a Turtle ship from the Korean War Museum in Seoul:

Korean Heroes- Turtle Ship Seoul War Memorial Museum


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  2. Doyeon Kim(김도연)

    I’ve read couple of readings on your website ‘koreanheroes.net’ not only for homework, but what you’ve done on this page is just awesome and inspired me a lot for real. During the last class on Friday when you were talking about your website, It was kind of moment that something like inspiration hit me literally. To be honest, I’m still not sure about what I like or enjoy to do as hobbies. The thing is I haven’t even tried to develop and improve it unlike you even though I knew what it would be(still not sure though). I just made some excuses that ‘I don’t feel like it, or maybe next time…’,‘so, what am I supposed to do?’. After I’ve seen your work, I thought I should make sure what I like to do and make it clear into concrete outcome that everybody can see and say ‘your hobby is ___! keep it going like this. such a nice job.’ If it works, you may inspire someone and make them be eager to do something. Who knows? Anyway, I’d like to compliment you for some reasons. Especially all of the well-organized pages are easy to get specific information and give you some comment as well. Also, It may let people know about the admiral with basic information in an easy way and they can get interested of him.(most of the people decide to read or not depending on how complicated information is.) Actually, I’m not that interested of history but it’s interesting! Furthurmore, It’s not boring at all and comes to us friendly by having small talk on the head of readings. What a work! Thanks to let me know how I manage and enjoy my hobby.

  3. 한승석

    You are actually great!
    How did you say turtle ship,people around 이순신 and Japan in detail? I was shocked to your trial for researching 이순신. So I respect you and I feel close like a Korean.
    Thank you for your good effort.
    And I’d like to recommend you that you try to research how to reunite between South Korea and North Korea. As you know, Korean peninsula never gets better without the solution. Just with anticommunism we never figure out the truth of Korea.
    You are very reasonable and I also like to be reasonable. Even 이순신 was not a hero in 16th century. He should be a permanent hero in Korea. But nowdays many heroes including 이순신 are not respected well in Korea.
    I thank you again that you did a good job.

  4. You shin young

    Oops! Lots of typos and grammatical erros. Sorry for that.

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