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Yi Sun-sin: Episode 5 – Catch a Tiger by the Tail

It’s been awhile, but it is high time we got back into the story of the immortal Yi Sun-sin.  The main narrative, including his first naval encounter is set to begin.  He has been preparing for this moment since the moment his was promoted.  He has now been presented with what many historians and politicians refer to as “a crisis of opportunity.”  He is in complete control of the last organized military resistance in Korea.  No one is expecting any sort of offensive maneuver, not even the Joseon ministers themselves.  However, armed with the confidence born of extreme dedication and purpose, and burning with the desire to avenge and punish, Yi Sun-sin somehow maintains his composure as he advances through the island chains and jagged coastlines of southern Korea toward the Japanese menace.

Presenting episode 5, where Yi Sun-sin’s true genius is put on display.  Prepare yourself for the real debut of the Korean god of war, the greatest hero in Korean history: 충무공 (The Duke of Loyalty and Warfare) Admiral Yi Sun-sin.

Yi Sun-sin: Episode 5 – Catch a Tiger by the Tail



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      It is my intention to cover all the great people, whether ancient or contemporary Jeong-beom!

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    • Yuri Kim

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