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The Next Episode

The picture above was taken in Sejong City at the newly constructed government complex in 2016.  I was pleasantly surprised to see this glass-encased model outside the classroom.

The next podcast episode is finally in the works as Yi Sun-sin gets the go ahead from Seoul, I mean Pyongyang, I mean… Where is King Seonjo again?  It doesn’t really matter at this point because for better or for worse Yi Sun-sin is off the leash.  With the freedom to act as he sees fit he will embark on the second campaign of 1592.  It includes three battles, starting with the Battle of Sacheon.  In these encounters the future Admiral’s true genius will start to reveal itself as he uses clever deception and formations to take down his Japanese counterparts.  Stay tuned for Episode 6: Hook, Line and Sinker.



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  6. 유노아 (Yu Noah)

    It’s a very nice turtle ship model!
    I have been to Sejong city several times but I have never been Sejong government complex!
    If I go to Sejong City next time, I’m going to see the turtle ship model.
    And your posting is fun and cool. I’ll be there often. Please keep an interest in Korean heroes from now on!

  7. you jin kwak

    The picture is very similar real. Next time, I’ll visit there. I’m impressed with achievements of Yi sun-sin. One of deeds is Myeongnyang Battle. He fought Japanese forces using only 12 ships. What a nice! He studied airflow, there geography and imaged how to succeed fight that low loss of lives. I think he was genius. I’m proud that we had great hero.

  8. 박수진

    It is really good web site. I am not good at English. But, I could understand the good information. Altough I am a Korean, I could new information about Yi Sunsin from this information. thank you. I really enjoyed this web site!!


    I have a quite good knowladge about history. I think, this website is mentionet in heroes of one nation and provides exelant information. It would help to korean elementary and middle school students. Through my experiance, I would suggest to you , make a contract with government district offices. Because, nowdays almost all district offices have a library for students (I have worked last year in Dongu district office`s library). It would serve to students to provide some good knowladge.

  10. Hyunwoo Jo

    Hi! I’m Jo Hyunwoo.
    I was impressed with your blog.
    I live in Sejong, but I have never seen that.
    I didn’t know that model was in my city.
    I will go there and see that amazing model later.
    That turtle ship makes me surprised everytime.
    Especially, the roof of ship was so gorgeous.
    I think that the idea of making that roof is enough to surprise all of the world.
    And I can’t ignore the story of Yi Soon Shin.
    I respect and thank him. If he had not been, there might not have been our country now.
    Plus, I didn’t know that you are interested in the history of Korea. I think that you are very cool and thank you. Few months ago, the song of Yi Soon Shin’s story was released. I wish you to listen that song. See you soon!

  11. Ye Jin, Hwang

    That model is called Turtle Ship. Through this model, I can know the fact that our country’s scientific technique already has been developed. If Yi Sun-sin could not win many wars, our country is not existed so I want to say him,”Thank you,sir”.
    And also I want to work for my world’s peace.

  12. EunHyeon Jeon

    I totally agree that Yi Sun-sin is a genius. I can’t believe that the turtle ship was made in 16th century. The ship is not only looks good, but also works well. After I saw your homepage, I thought that I have to study more about Yi Sun-sin and Japanese Invasion of Korea because in middle school and high school, I just memorized some imformation about them like a memorizing machin. Now I want to study them myself. Thank you.

  13. Gloria(Juyeong Kim)

    Thank you for sharing this good website and your wonderful hobby! Your posts are so interesting (eventhough I have defficulty translating the posts) and make me ashamed… Of course, I have less interest in the history than you. So this is reasonable fact that I don’t know about Yi sun-sin than you. But, becuase I have always said “My favorite story in the history is about Yi sun-sin.”, I am ashamed! And SOMETHING I feel in your post exite my passion for knowing history! It is good chance to raise my history level to higher level. Thank you very much!! 🙂

  14. 이정웅(JeongWoong Lee)

    What a nice web site!!!! Cool~~~!
    After seeing your website, I thought about my childhood hero, Yi Sun-sin.
    Since I was young, I liked turtle ship and Yi Sun-sin. I think Yi Sun-sin who was great and heroic.
    Because I was so impressed with his sacrifice and respect for the country. Nanjung Diary is really touching. So I read may books and played the games related with Yi Sun-sin.
    Even now I think that Yi Sun-sin is the best hero ever sinc I became an adult.

  15. Yejin Jang

    I was quite impressed by the website you made. The picture in the banner of the website is very matched with the topic. And I’m glad that you can work with the Yi Soon Shin comic books’ author. Moreover, there are quite a lot of people who don’t know the history well including me. But, when I checked out this website, I was ashamed that you are more interested in Korean history and know better than me. The information you’ve uploaded in this website will be very helpful to me to know about him. Thank you for letting me know this website!

  16. Kim Hye-yoon

    I looked through your website and I thought all picture and animation images was good.
    Black background image that is blowing tornado is fitted with Koreanheroes’s life suffered a hardship. Why I choose this page is the turtleship’s picture. The construction is very delicate. I don’t know it is in Sejong City.
    I surprised you made this site above just watching your favorites. I impressed your passion and activeness. Thank you for making this site giving information about our heroes.

  17. 이승찬(Lee, seungchan)

    Wow!! What a magnificent turtle ship!!
    This picture intrigue me .
    I can’t believe that it was made in 16c.
    I want to know more about Yi, soon sin and I am really happy to find your great website which contains a lot of good information about korean heroes.
    The spring is coming but still too cold…
    Be careful to catch cold !!
    Thank you for sharing good information and hope you keep going!

  18. SoJung Kim

    When I was in elementary school, I also saw a turtle ship which is glass-encased model. It seems amazing to me then or now. Without the help of the Court, he won 23 battles with the great loving of the people in the battle of the Japanese Navy. I’ll take his mind off his mind.
    It is good to know this homepage which gives good information.
    Thank you . Have a good day:)

  19. Jeeyun

    looking familiar

  20. John Looney

    Lol. The next episode

    • John Looney


  21. Kayla

    I was impressed with your interest and passion for Korean history like Yi Sun-sin
    Last summer vacation, my son did the presentation about Yi Sun-sin and his turtle ship in my church after traveling Hansando with his church friends. At that time, I helped him to prepare for his presentation so I can remember some facts about Sacheon battle and Hansando battle. Admiral Yi Sun-sin had his turtle ship for the first time. The turtle ship went into the enemy formation before the fleet made the attack and scattered the Japanese ships. The Admiral was injured by having hit by a shot on his left shoulder in this Battle. Also, Admiral Yi Sun-sin ordered to undertake ‘Hakik-jin’, one of the most famous strategy of the Admiral in this Hansando battle. Thanks to you, I could talk about Sacheon battle and Hansando battle as well as Yi Sun-sin with my son. Through visiting your website, I realized that knowing history is very important again. Thank you very much.

  22. AR

    Your blog is well-organized and concise and the pictures and maps are so clear. I love the font, too. Also, it was a good chance to remind me of him and learn expressions about history. It is so impressive that I reflect on myself about my interest and knowledge of Korean history. Indeed, it is the time to need a REAL LEADER like Yi Sun-sin in Korea. In fact, although Yi Sun-sin is a famous historical figure, nowaday many koreans are more interested in modern and contemporary history, especially the tragic part. I look forward to your writing about the Battle of Myeongnyang someday :-).
    c.f. Jindo is the place where Admiral Yi defeated 330 Japanese warships with only 12 ships, as you know. (and also where Sewol tragedy happened.) The tidal current is strong in this area, Uldolmok.

  23. Sumin

    History was the most boring class for me when I was middle school students. My teachers just ask me to memorize all the information according to the time order. If I had a chance to study Korean history with interesting stories like your information, I would study it hard and still like the history. I am glad to see that you are really into Korean heroes and I want to hear other heroes story from you! 🙂

  24. JINA

    Yi Sun-sin is one of the most popular hero in Korea. Korean respect him and admire his wisdom and brave. He won the battle using only 12 turtle ship. At that time Japan had a 133 ship. It makes korean suprised.
    but korea people have a misunderstanding about him. Yi Sun-sin is always successful but it is not true. He failed to pass the test to be a goverment soilder many times. but he tried and tried and finally he did it.
    And he protected our country from Japan even though the king ran away from Hanyang. Depeding our country is not the king and a high-ranking government official but the power of just nomal citizen and brave and clever leader like Yi Sun-sin.

  25. KHL

    Quite a nice turtle ship!
    I’ve yet to visit Sejong city, so this picture piques my curiosity.
    You looks much more interested in Korean history than I do.
    I shortly toured your website and got impressed.
    I’m going to bookmark this website.
    Hope you continue and share good information and your own opinion with us.
    It is freezing cold.
    Take good care of you.
    See you tomorrow!

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