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Who are the real heroes?

Often when we study history, it is the great men and women that we focus on and not the humble worker, who forms the backbone of society; often no one takes notice. In all three of the subjects on this website the common element is Korea and Heroes; hence the name koreanheroes.net. Originally, this site was designed for an Yi Sun-sin podcast, but that effort was temporarily derailed, so now, the new version of the site will see the academic, historical and agricultural subjects dove-tail through this common theme. For without the colossal effort of the every man, the great man would never exist. Most heroes don’t wear capes. A truer statement was never uttered. Join us as we learn about Korean culture, study English and see what the Earth has to each us about growth, respect, family and hard work on the K-farm. Stay tuned & stay safe.

Farmer J~~

July 2020 Update

Projects Going Forward

It really has been two years since I have posted on the main blog here! This is because the Yi Sun-sin project I started was halted halfway through and I was never able to get back to it. Since 2018 many things have changed and sections of this website have been added, removed and altered. The main addition has been sections dedicated to my university courses in South Korea, which were initially meant to be temporary, but have now become major components of a contact-less (untact if you want to use the new Konglish expression) teaching environment. Thus, going forward, the site will be re-designed as I split it into three sections: 1. The original Korean Heroes content; 2. Content related to University courses for the 2020 Fall semester; 3. A blog containing videos, pictures, links and discussion on gardening in Korea. I have always had multiple interests and so I will attempt to organize all three of these spaces within in this website. Thank you to all of you who have supported the website in the past and present.

Happy 4th of July.

New Content

After a long hiatus from the adventures of Yi Sun-sin, Korean Heroes is set to return next month with a fresh batch of new content.  The Yi Sun-sin series will finally conclude and a mini-series of interviews with some real life Korean heroes will be published following its completion.  It is exciting to get back into the mix with some new features added to the site and a podcast upload in the mix as well.  Stay tuned and thank you for being interested in Korean culture and Korean history.  Thank you for visiting the site and taking the time from your busy schedule to read and listen to the content.

즐거운 추석 보내세요!

Happy Chuseok!

Korean Heroes Is Back

It has been ages since I have posted anything, so long that I have almost lost track of what was happening!  However, we are now back in the thick of things as Yi Sun-sin bravely leads the Korean navy into battle against the Japanese in his second campaign of 1592.  This 30 odd minute episode is actually only the first half of the sixth installment and covers the Battle of Sacheon where Yi Sun-sin once again risks his life for his king and country.  The second half is forthcoming and will include the rest of the second campaign.  Enjoy!


Korean Heroes – Yi Sun-sin Episode 6

The Next Episode

The picture above was taken in Sejong City at the newly constructed government complex in 2016.  I was pleasantly surprised to see this glass-encased model outside the classroom.

The next podcast episode is finally in the works as Yi Sun-sin gets the go ahead from Seoul, I mean Pyongyang, I mean… Where is King Seonjo again?  It doesn’t really matter at this point because for better or for worse Yi Sun-sin is off the leash.  With the freedom to act as he sees fit he will embark on the second campaign of 1592.  It includes three battles, starting with the Battle of Sacheon.  In these encounters the future Admiral’s true genius will start to reveal itself as he uses clever deception and formations to take down his Japanese counterparts.  Stay tuned for Episode 6: Hook, Line and Sinker.


Yi Sun-sin: Episode 5 – Catch a Tiger by the Tail

It’s been awhile, but it is high time we got back into the story of the immortal Yi Sun-sin.  The main narrative, including his first naval encounter is set to begin.  He has been preparing for this moment since the moment his was promoted.  He has now been presented with what many historians and politicians refer to as “a crisis of opportunity.”  He is in complete control of the last organized military resistance in Korea.  No one is expecting any sort of offensive maneuver, not even the Joseon ministers themselves.  However, armed with the confidence born of extreme dedication and purpose, and burning with the desire to avenge and punish, Yi Sun-sin somehow maintains his composure as he advances through the island chains and jagged coastlines of southern Korea toward the Japanese menace.

Presenting episode 5, where Yi Sun-sin’s true genius is put on display.  Prepare yourself for the real debut of the Korean god of war, the greatest hero in Korean history: 충무공 (The Duke of Loyalty and Warfare) Admiral Yi Sun-sin.

Yi Sun-sin: Episode 5 – Catch a Tiger by the Tail


Yi Sun-sin Episode 4 : Turtle Ships to the Rescue!


First of all, Happy National Liberation Day!  In Korea, August 15th commemorates the Allied victory over Japan, which led to Korea’s independence from the Japanese Empire and the end of colonial rule.  The name of the day in Korean (한글) is: 광복절.  That literally means “Light Return Day.”  In other words, the day the light returned.  A cool name for a holiday!  Enjoy yourselves, whatever you do, and celebrate freedom!

The holiday is actually tomorrow, but the 4th episode is ready today, so here it is:

Korean Heroes – Yi Sun-sin Episode 4 – Turtle Ships to the Rescue

In this episode I discuss the Korean and Japanese navies and I generally describe the first days of the Imjin War.  Yi Sun-sin takes up his new position as Commander of the Jeolla Left Navy.  This episode is about 50 minutes in length and took a lot of effort on my part.  I hope to set up the RSS feed for the Korean Heroes Podcast tomorrow (August 15th), but no promises!  I’m pretty happy with the way the recording went, keeping it rough and raw for the most part suits my style, my ability and my equipment.  I’m going to set up an SNS link for this site too, if everything goes well.  Feedback is welcome, you can comment on this blog or contact me by email (just click on the contact information at the top of the page).  Here are some screenshots of turtle ships (not my own I lost them…).  I’ll have to start a new game when I have the time, but in the meantime have a look at the ones I pilfered!




AOE2 Turtleship1






Turtle Ships Part I

Episode Four – Turtle Ships

  It’s been forever since I’ve managed to get anything uploaded so, I’m taking a new approach:  Record and publish and to hell with perfectionism!  Just kidding, I am still going to polish each episode before I subject it to the scrutiny of the internet, not only for my own sake, but for Yi Sun-sin’s!  You will notice that this upload needs some serious work still; for example, around the 10 minute mark I start rambling about diving in turtle ships, and this will have to be edited out or replaced, but I’ve decided to go ahead put it up anyway as I promised an episode about A MONTH AGO!  This episode will no doubt be the longest one to date and it will the first to be tested on my podcast feed.  However, I’m still going to upload it in chunks, as I have done so far, so that older listeners can preview it as I get it ready.  This blog needs some love!
  I’m not sure if it’ll be three or four chunks when it is finally done, but here is the first one. The idea is to get them all done and then add them all to the RSS feed as a whole.  I’ve decided to keep all of the old stuff as is, and use this blog as sort of a record of the somewhat frustrating, but ultimately satisfying learning process.  I will replace this upload with a better version as soon as I can.  Feedback is always welcome.

Espisode 4 – Yi Sun-sin – Turtle Ships to the Rescue Part I

*Editing and additional effects to follow. Thanks for listening!
  P.S. If I can’t find that screenshot from AOE2, I’ll have to start a new game and take another.  I formatted my computer and it has gone missing.  In the mean-time, here is another illustration of Korean turtle ship, schematics included.

Turtle Ships to the Rescue!

It has been a long time since I produced an episode, and I apologize for that, the delay was due to injury and personal business. For those of you who kept checking and waiting… Thank you! For those of you who harassed me over the first few months saying, “Where are the turtle ships?!” They are coming, and you have inspired the title of the fourth episode! Episode 4: Turtle Ships to the Rescue is in the works. Check back next weekend for the upload (the podcast feed is finally getting set up as well)!  Below is a picture of a Turtle ship from the Korean War Museum in Seoul:

Korean Heroes- Turtle Ship Seoul War Memorial Museum

Yi Sun-sin Episode 3 : Rebel With a Cause – Part II

Let’s wrap up Yi Sun-sin’s northern campaign with the shocking destruction of a tribe of invading Jurchen and a dramatic rescue of captive soldiers!

Korean Heroes- Yi Sun Shin Attack

The picture above is a scene from Onrie Kompan’s Yi Soon Shin Warrior and Defender

Unfortunately, in the midst of these moments of triumph; Yi Sun-sin’s father will pass away and his military career will be put on hold while he spends the customary three years in his hometown mourning his loss.  While he is absent, his political enemies will look for ways to taint his reputation and set traps for him as soon  as he returns, but the incorruptible Yi Sun-sin will persevere through it all.  Tune in to:

Yi Sun-sin – Episode 3 Part II


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