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New Content

After a long hiatus from the adventures of Yi Sun-sin, Korean Heroes is set to return next month with a fresh batch of new content.  The Yi Sun-sin series will finally conclude and a mini-series of interviews with some real life Korean heroes will be published following its completion.  It is exciting to get back into the mix with some new features added to the site and a podcast upload in the mix as well.  Stay tuned and thank you for being interested in Korean culture and Korean history.  Thank you for visiting the site and taking the time from your busy schedule to read and listen to the content.

즐거운 추석 보내세요!

Happy Chuseok!

Korean Heroes Is Back

It has been ages since I have posted anything, so long that I have almost lost track of what was happening!  However, we are now back in the thick of things as Yi Sun-sin bravely leads the Korean navy into battle against the Japanese in his second campaign of 1592.  This 30 odd minute episode is actually only the first half of the sixth installment and covers the Battle of Sacheon where Yi Sun-sin once again risks his life for his king and country.  The second half is forthcoming and will include the rest of the second campaign.  Enjoy!


Korean Heroes – Yi Sun-sin Episode 6

The Next Episode

The picture above was taken in Sejong City at the newly constructed government complex in 2016.  I was pleasantly surprised to see this glass-encased model outside the classroom.

The next podcast episode is finally in the works as Yi Sun-sin gets the go ahead from Seoul, I mean Pyongyang, I mean… Where is King Seonjo again?  It doesn’t really matter at this point because for better or for worse Yi Sun-sin is off the leash.  With the freedom to act as he sees fit he will embark on the second campaign of 1592.  It includes three battles, starting with the Battle of Sacheon.  In these encounters the future Admiral’s true genius will start to reveal itself as he uses clever deception and formations to take down his Japanese counterparts.  Stay tuned for Episode 6: Hook, Line and Sinker.


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