The Podcast Icon Art

Korean Heroes Podcast Icon Art - MattS

This scene was painted by my brother Matthew Sullivan, whilst living in Myanmar!  This will be the cover art for the Podcast feed when I launch it this summer (2016).  For those of you not familiar with the board game of Battle Ship, in this scene Yi Sun-sin is engaged in a game with an opposing Samurai Naval Commander.  You can see by the fires rising from the Joseon buildings to the left that the land battles are not going well; Seoul fell within a month of the outset of the war. In contrast to the untouched board in front of Yi Sun-sin and the chaos of flames bursting from the Japanese board.  To the right and rear of the Daimyo is a column of troops issuing from Nagoya Castle.  My brother’s artwork, and concept.  I left it totally up to him.  Thanks for this creative interpretation of Yi Sun-sin’s role in the Imjin War.


I have promised maps, so here they are!  A short summary will be included in an update below each image.  For now just browse through them to familiarize yourself with the terrain of Korea and to orient yourself to the places I have referred to in the podcast thus far.

Map #1: Physical Map of South Korea


Map #2: General Map of Joseon Korea

Imjin War period Joseon Basic map


Map #3: Japanese Invasion Routes: Imjin War 1592-1597Imjin War History_of_Korea-1592-1597 invasion routes

Map #4: The First Invasion of the Imjin War in Black and White DetailImjin 1st Invasion of Korea 1592