Projects Going Forward

It really has been two years since I have posted on the main blog here! This is because the Yi Sun-sin project I started was halted halfway through and I was never able to get back to it. Since 2018 many things have changed and sections of this website have been added, removed and altered. The main addition has been sections dedicated to my university courses in South Korea, which were initially meant to be temporary, but have now become major components of a contact-less (untact if you want to use the new Konglish expression) teaching environment. Thus, going forward, the site will be re-designed as I split it into three sections: 1. The original Korean Heroes content; 2. Content related to University courses for the 2020 Fall semester; 3. A blog containing videos, pictures, links and discussion on gardening in Korea. I have always had multiple interests and so I will attempt to organize all three of these spaces within in this website. Thank you to all of you who have supported the website in the past and present.

Happy 4th of July.